Angioplasty On Sourav Ganguly’s Two Other Coronary Blockages To Be Done At A “Later Stage”

The nine-member medical board of Woodlands hospital, where former India captain and current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly is admitted, concluded after their meeting on Monday that angioplasty on Ganguly’s two other coronary blockages, LAD and OM2, will be done at a later stage. A special ‘Sourav Ganguly Lounge’ has been set up at the hospital for visitors of the BCCI president and all visitors will undergo full sanitisation before entering Ganguly’s room. The former cricketer’s family has been given a separate room at the hospital and family members are allowed into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 

The medical board of the hospital was scheduled to meet on Monday to decide on further treatment plans for Ganguly, who was admitted on Saturday. The board met at 11:30 am today with some specialist doctors joining on video-calling platform Zoom to review Ganguly’s medical records and his clinical condition. 

“The unanimous decision was that an appropriate timely excellent treatment of primary PTCA with revascularisation of RCA was rendered during the acute heart attack stage,” a medical bulletin released by the hospital read. 

“The discussion was also on the two other coronary blockages viz LAD and OM2 need to be treated by angioplasty in this admission vis a vis doing it at a immediate later stage. 

“The consensus of the board was that deferring the angioplasty for now is deemed to be a safer option since Mr Ganguly is stable, without any chest pain and is on optimal medical management,” the bulletin read. 

Ganguly’s family members were also present during the meeting and they were explained about the “disease process and further therapeutic plan”.

The doctors treating Ganguly will be keeping constant vigil on his health situation, the bulletin said, adding that appropriate measures will be taken at home as well once Ganguly is discharged. 


The 48-year-old suffered “chest discomfort” on Saturday while doing exercising at his home gym and was admitted to the Kolkata hospital. 

He underwent an angioplasty on the same day and was reported to be stable even as wishes poured in from all over the country for his speedy recovery. 

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