Angry With Feuding Family, Madhya Pradesh Farmer Wills Half His Property To Pet Dog

Madhya Pradesh farmer Om Narayan Verma has willed half his ancestral property to pet dog Jacky.


Much like the reel-life dog Entertainment from a Bollywood film by the same name, a pet dog in Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara district has inherited his master’s wealth, or at least a part of it.

Troubled by a sustained family feud, 50-year-old farmer Om Narayan Verma, native of Badiwara village in Chhindwara, has named his second wife Champa Bai and pet dog Jacky as successors and legal heirs of the ancestral property after his death.

The middle-aged farmer’s legally-notarised will mentions that he has immense love for Champa Bai and Jacky as they are the only ones who take care of him.

Mr Verma’s will mentions that his property, after his death, will be inherited by his wife and pet. It adds that whoever takes care of Jacky will be entitled to use the pet dog’s share in the property to ensure the canine’s well-being.


Most interestingly, the will states that anyone who takes care of Jacky will inherit the pet’s share of the property after his demise.

According to Mr Verma, the will was made in anger over a family feud, but the problems had been resolved on Thursday.

“The notarised will not only includes my dog’s name, but also my wife Champa Bai’s name. I gave a share of my inheritance to my dog’s to ensure my family takes Jacky’s care even after my death. But, the entire matter has been resolved now,” Mr Verma, a former chief of the village, said.

Mr Verma, who owns around 21 acres land, has two wives. While he has two daughters and a son from the first marriage, he has two daughters from the second wife – the one who takes care of him.

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