Apple Glass: Apple Glass might feature ambient lighting feature that will adjust brightness of the lens, reveals a new patent – Times of India

Apple working on its own smart glass device is not a mystery anymore. A leak back in 2018 established the idea of Apple Glass in works by the Cupertino-based tech giant. Back then, it was rumoured that the Apple Glass will likely be powered by a 5nm silicon and now with the launch of Apple A14 Bionic 5G SoC, Apple Glass might become a reality soon. The tech-giant has now filed a new patent at US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with a title ‘Display System With Localised Optical Adjustments’
The title of the patent application itself confirms several details, however, the application clarifies the ability for Apple Glass that will automatically adjust the brightness of the lens making the real world brighter or darker according to the surrounding light something similar to modern smartphone’s display brightness.
According to the patent application, Apple might use a spatially addressable adjustable light modulator to enhance the clarity and visibility of the computer-generated content by decreasing the brightness of real-world and increasing the brightness of computer-generated content. Also, these changes can be made individually to either of the sides independently.
A part of the patent application reads, “If, as an example, a head-mounted display system is being used to display computer-generated content that overlaps real-world objects, the brightness of the real-world objects can be selectively decreased to enhance the visibility of the computer-generated content. In particular, a spatially addressable adjustable light modulator may be used to generate a dark region that overlaps a bright real-world object that is overlapped by computer-generated content in the upper right corner of a user’s field of view.”
Though there’s no certainty when Apple Glass will make it out of Apple’s Lab for real-world, the concept here seems to be unlike any other we have seen so far.

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