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With iOS14, Apple updated its privacy policies and made it easier for users to protect devices, data and account details. The company recently published an extensive guide called Device and Data Access When Personal Safety is at Risk.
In the guide, the company has explained steps on how users can check which devices and services are associated with Apple account, review Face ID and review account security settings and more. Let’s take a look at Apple’s recommended settings.
How to check which all devices are currently associated with Apple account
There are several ways to check which devices are associated with your Apple Account. Among other things, the universal method is by visiting and logging in using the Apple ID. However, if you have your iPad, iPhone or Mac device handy, you can check connected devices there as well, here’s how.
On your Apple iPhone or iPad, head to Settings and tap on Your name from the top of the Settings page. Then Swipe down below the Family Sharing option.
On your Mac devices, open System Preferences and click on Apple ID. Here you can see all the devices that are currently associated with your Apple ID.
How to review Apple ID security settings on iPhone, iPad, Mac or any browser
Open and log in. Now head to Security section and check for any issue there. Here you can also check several other security settings such as 2FA authentication and more.
How to ensure and review Face ID or Touch ID settings on iPhone, iPad and Mac
On iPhone, iPad, head to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode option. On Mac, head to System Preferences -> Touch ID

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