Can Vitamin D Reduce COVID-19 Severities? New Research To Find Its Effects

It is a 28-day study and involves participants aged 30 and above.


  • Vitamin D helps boost immunity.
  • Several COVID-19 patients have been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency.
  • This new study may help find Vitamin D’s effect on COVID treatment.

Vitamin D has been in the news for months now. A fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin D is one essential nutrient that helps boost immunity and prevents viral infections. Moreover, an adequate dosage of vitamin D may also reduce the risk of heart disease and respiratory troubles – two of the severe effects of COVID-19. An earlier study, published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that over 80 percent of people affected with Covid-19 suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Hence, experts around the world recommend loading up on this nutrient for nourishment and immunity.

Adding to this major observation, a new study by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is all set to find the possible effects of vitamin D on treating COVID-19 infection. Titled ‘Vitamin D for Covid-19 (VIVID)’, it is a clinical trial to evaluate whether vitamin D can reduce the severe symptoms of the virus.

As per the official website of the trial (, the researchers will focus on people aged 30 or older, who have been recently diagnosed with COVID-19. “People who have received a recent positive test result and had onset of their symptoms within the past 5 days may be eligible to join the VIVID study,” a statement on the website read.

The participants in this study are asked to take vitamin D or placebo study capsules every 28 days, provide 2 at-home blood samples (by finger-prick) and complete two brief online questionnaires- one regarding the start of the trial and the other to be filled once a week for 28 days of taking the pills.

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Vitamin D helps strengthen bones and muscles.

Vitamin D looks promising for boosting our system to defend infections. But it hasn’t been specifically tested for COVID-19. Some studies have shown vitamin D may decrease inflammation, which may play role in reducing severe COVID illness leading to hospitalisation. However, there hasn’t been any exclusive evident. This study will find the potential benefits of vitamin D in fighting COVID,” explained JoAnn Manson, MD, Professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School’s Bringham and Brigham and Women’s Hospital and one of the directors of the VIVID trial.

Considering the above factors, we say, every person must include vitamin D in their daily diet for a healthy living. While sunshine is a potent source of vitamin D, for the people who avoid stepping out in this pandemic situation, it is advisable to consume vitamin D-enriched foods for your daily nutrient-fix.

6 Vitamin D-Rich Foods You Can Add To Your Daily Diet:

-Fresh orange juice


-Egg (especially the yolk)

-Milk and milk products


-Fatty fish.

Include these foods in your daily diet and enjoy the benefits to the fullest.


(Note: These food options are not a part of the study)

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