Defence Ministry slams China for LAC standoff, says this about Galwan Valley clashes

Slamming China for its “unilateral and provocative” actions in order to change the status quo by force on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Defence Ministry has said in an annual report that the Chinese forces got the response in a “firm” and “non-escalatory way”.

The report asserted that Indian forces are ready to challenge any “misadventure” by Chinese Army, adding that New Delhi and Beijing are also holding dialogue to resolve the border issue peacefully.

Referring to the Galwan Valley clashes on June 15 in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, the Defence Ministry said the Chinese side also suffered “significant casualties”.

“Unilateral and provocative actions by the Chinese to change the status quo by force, in more than one area on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), were responded to in a firm and non-escalatory way, ensuring the sanctity of our claims in Eastern Ladakh,” it said.

“Indian Army has maintained all protocols and agreements between the two countries while the PLA escalated the situation by utilisation of unorthodox weapons and amassing a large number of troops,” it added.

The border standoff between India and China started around eight months ago and it has significantly affected the relations between the two countries. Both sides held several rounds of talks both at diplomatic as well as military levels to defuse the crisis but the standoff is still on.

Commenting on Galwan Valley incident, the report said, “In a major skirmish in Galwan, 20 brave Indian soldiers lost their lives while preventing PLA troops from ingressing into our territory. The Chinese also suffered significant casualties.”

The report said that August 28 and 29, Indian troops succeeded in finding out the Chinese “expansionist designs” and acted in time to occupy strategic heights along the southern bank of Pangong Tso. 

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“Advance Winter Stocking (AWS) and winter preparations for the enhanced strength have been completed and troops are well entrenched to counter any misadventure by Chinese forces. While the Indian Army is prepared for any eventuality, talks are also progressing to resolve the issue in an amicable manner,” said the report.

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