Got a call from AIIMS, says Zee News journalist Pooja Makkar following complaints of stiffness in her hand day after taking COVID-19 vaccine

New Delhi: Zee News reporter Pooja Makkar, who had developed fever and stiffness in her hands nearly twenty fours hours after taking the coronavirus vaccine, said that she had got a call from the doctors at the AIIMS, Delhi to check on her symptoms.

Pooja Makkar had on Monday become India’s first woman journalist to receive the indigenously developed coronavirus vaccine ‘Covaxin’. “Last night, I got a call from the AIIMS to check for my symptoms if any. It’s a protocol to be followed for volunteers who have received the coronavirus vaccine,” Pooja Makkar told Zee News. 

She, however, said that despite developing symptoms of fever and stiffness in her hands nearly twenty hours after taking the vaccine, she was completely normal. Makkar had told Ze News on Tuesday evening that she was feeling pain on the spot where the vaccine was injected. According to AIIMS doctors, the pain will gradually subside soon. Her temperature was also at 99.3 degree, slightly higher than normal on Tuesday. 

According to the doctors, the symptoms of fever and mild stiffness are completely normal in those volunteers who take the coronavirus vaccine. Covaxin is the indigenous vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech against COVID-19 in collaboration with ICMR.

Makkar had developed a mild fever, which according to the doctors is a good sign as the vaccine seems to have started showing its result. When she contacted doctors to know the reason behind fever, she was told that this a “good sign” because the vaccine has started showing its impact on her.

Earlier in live interaction, Pooja Makkar had said on Monday, “It has been 20 hours since I took the coronavirus vaccine – Covaxin. I am completely fine.” She had also sought to dispel rumours about the indigenously developed vaccine and asked people not to believe in those rumours. When asked about any physical or internal impact post-vaccination, Pooja had said that she is “not having any problem so far.” 

Pooja got vaccinated at AIIMS, Delhi on Monday afternoon (at 2 PM) after undergoing the requisite tests, and was put under observation. The Zee News reporter has extensively reported about the COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout besides keeping a tab on the development of coronavirus vaccines to check this deadly virus. 

Pooja has been provided with a sheet to fulfill the points related to her experience after taking the vaccine. She was also provided with a helpline number to contact AIIMS if she felt any problem in the coming days.

Pooja is expected to get another shot of Covaxin after 28 days, as this is needed to remain safe against the COVID-19 pandemic. Covaxin is the indigenous vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech against COVID-19 in collaboration with ICMR. Bharat Biotech has developed this indigenous vaccine in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – National Institute of Virology (NIV).

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