Military chiefs of a dozen countries condemn Myanmar crackdown – Times of India

WASHINGTON: The military chiefs of a dozen countries including the United States, Britain, Japan and South Korea joined together Saturday to condemn Myanmar‘s use of lethal force against unarmed civilians.
The rare joint condemnation was released after Myanmar’s security forces killed at least 90 people Saturday in the bloodiest day since the military seized power, according to a monitoring group.
The spasm of violence came as the junta staged a major show of might for its annual Armed Forces Day.
“A professional military follows international standards for conduct and is responsible for protecting — not harming — the people it serves,” the officials said in the joint statement.
“We urge the Myanmar Armed Forces to cease violence and work to restore respect and credibility with the people of Myanmar that it has lost through its actions.”
The other countries that signed it were Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

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