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New Years Eve is a time when people get together to celebrate with their friends and loved ones. It is the last day of the year and is celebrated with much fanfare in most countries of the world. The New Year’s Eve is marked by social gatherings, parties, drinking, singing and dancing. People gather on roadsides to watch spectacular firework displays.

This year, however, the world is in the throes of one of the most devastating pandemic witnessed by the human race. The stringent Covid-19 prevention protocols call for isolation and social distancing. In such a scenario adhering to the safety norms is the only way to protect ourselves. Here are a few New Year’s Eve ideas which ensure we have a good time while staying safe.

1.Balcony meet-up:

This year, let us give the conventional New Year’s Eve party a miss and try to catch up with neighbours by inviting them to a socially distanced party. Jazz up your balcony with lights and candles and encourage your friends to do the same. Raise a toast to each other across balconies. Play some music or better still get the guitar or any other musical instrument and have a musical face off. As the party gets going, have an impromptu flash mob. Be prepared for bewildered onlookers in the vicinity who step out to check what the commotion is all about, invite them to join the fun. Capture the proceedings on your smart phone and save this unique celebration for future.

2.Host a Virtual Celebration:

While we are not able to meet all our friends in person this year, there is no reason to feel dejected. Invite all your friends to a virtual party and get the ball rolling. Get as imaginative and creative as can be and send out online invitation cards. Ask the participants of the virtual meet to come dressed up as their favourite actor or actress and enact one dialogue from the movie character they are portraying while the others guess the actor and the film. Enjoy some good grub accompanied by funny anecdotes and get the house in splits of laughter.

3.Virtual watch party:

For people who loathe big crowded parties, a virtual Watch party brings in comfort, warmth and cheer all at one go. Invite your favourite pals to a Watch party and play all your favourite movies, television shows or documentaries. The best part about this do is one can conduct them absolutely as they please. There are no inhibitions and you can be comfortable in your pyjamas in bed and still have a great time with your best buddies.

4.The family backyard bonfire:

The Corona Virus has resulted in families being confined indoors for most part of the year. The government has laid down strict rules for assembly of people. It is absolutely in our interest to abide by regulations but let them not dampen our spirits. Step out into your back yard and enjoy some quality family time. Spruce up the chosen space and light them up with lights and ‘diyas’ left over from Diwali and Christmas. The entire family can participate in lighting up the bonfire and settle down for a great evening ahead. Order your favourite dishes or churn up some fancy mocktails and let the conversations begin. From New Year resolutions, old family stories or funny oops moments, steer the party the way you want to. The best part about the backyard bonfire is that unlike hotel parties there are no time restrictions. One is free to slip in and slip out at will. The family bonds over good food, music, games and dance. The complete flexibility that this party offers is sure to make it a hit with all.

5.Donate for a social cause:

2020 has been a challenging year at all levels. There are many who have lost their loved ones while others have lost their livelihoods in the aftermath of the pandemic. We should count our blessings and donate to the under privileged in thankfulness. Collect warm clothes and donate to the homeless, have a food distribution for the poor or simply donate to a non-profit organisation. Let us do our bit to bring a smile on someone’s face in these difficult times.

As we bring down the curtains to the year 2020, it is imperative that we do not let our guard down yet and continue wearing masks and maintain social distancing. With so many options available, we can make our New Year’s Eve celebration memorable while staying safe.

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