PUBG India rival FAU-G launch; APK Download link latest updates

New Delhi: Even as millions are waiting for the re-entry of PUBG mobile game in India, its desi rival FAU-G too seems to have pushed its launch date till next year.

As per reports in the insidesport, FAU-G launch could now happen next year. While there were previous reports that PUBG is not coming to India before March, the insidesport report says that FAU-G mobile India launch could happen before that.

Meanwhile, we had previously reported that FAU-G’s game content is likely to have less action, violence than PUBG Mobile India. The reason one can infer so is because of FAUG’s Google Play store rating. The content rating of FAU-G which was earlier 16 plus, has now been changed to Teen.

Play store rating usually mirrors the content’s maturity level, although it is not necessarily the testament to the actual content. A rating of more than 16, means that the content has violence, blood and gore. Hence a reduced rating means that the game could be low on violence now.

Meanwhile, FAU-G has got bumper response from Indian gamers, which is evident from the fact that it got over 1 million pre-registration within just 24 hours of opening for pre-registration. 

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How to pre-register for FAU-G?

FAU-G has already started pre-registration in Google Play Store. To pre-register yourself, just head to google store and do it.

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nCore opened FAU-G pre-registration Google Play Store on November 30. FAU-G pre-registration for Android is available though gamers can not download it yet. Also, there is no information whether or not the game is coming for Apple App Store anytime soon or not. 

Once the users goes in for pre-registration, he or she will be notified whenever the game is available for download. The APK Download will also be possible once the game is officially launched.

The multi-player game titled ‘FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards’ aims to provide an Indian alternative to PUBG Mobile that has been recently banned in India along with 117 more apps.


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