PUBG Mobile still playable with this 5-second trick, find out here

The Indian government’s decision to ban the popular PUBG Mobile came as a big shock to gaming fans all across the country. Over the last few months there have been some positive developments, about how the game could come back to India. 

However, a majority of Indian gamers are already enjoying PUBG Mobile as if there was no ban implemented – thanks to one simple trick! It seems you don’t need to wait for the PUBG Mobile India version to re-launch in India in order to have a go at it. 

You can simply play the same game that the rest of the world is playing, complete with all your progress, purchases and friends list. Sadly, iPhone users still need to wait for an official release via the App Store but there’s no limitation to how Android users can play the game. 

How can one download it?

It turns out that the official ban on the app’s presence in Google Play Store and other app stores isn’t enough. Neither is the website blockage for Indian users of any help. Many blogs and sites direct you to download the APK and OBB files from third-party app repositories, which may be unsafe for your Android phones. 
However, with a VPN service, you can simply download the files from the official PUBG Mobile website, without risking your device’s security. 

Check out the simple way of doing this below…

1. Download any free VPN app on your Android device. There are hundreds of such services available on the Play Store, both paid and free. You don’t need to worry about download speeds as the process just takes 5 seconds.

2. Once downloaded, latch on to a different region other than India.

3. Then, open Chrome or any other web browser on your phone and head over to the PUBG Mobile global website.

4. The site opens with the APK download link pasted right on top. Click on it and start downloading the file.

5. Since the file size is close to 624MB, you can turn off the VPN app midway to boost your download speeds.

6. Install the file after downloading and open PUBG Mobile. Let it install all the necessary files and you are good to go. You can even sync your progress with Facebook and other social media services.


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