Why Google is requesting a “refund” from App Store on iPhone users behalf – Times of India

Tech giant Google is requesting a refund from Apple App Store on the behalf of iPhone and iPad users. The matter concerns Google One subscription holders who purchased the plan between January 8 to October 20 this year.
Google says that it has mistakenly counted photo and video uploads towards storage quota that is shared across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. “These uploads should not have counted against your storage quota,” it explains. A bug in the Google Photos storage system may have resulted in inaccurate counting of videos and photos towards the user’s storage quota.
The company says that it is sending emails to the ‘limited number of people’ who were impacted by the problem and may require help. While Google is seeking refund from the App Store on behalf of these users, it will not impact the status of Google One plan subscribers and requires no action from them.
“This will not affect your Google One subscription status. No action is needed, but you can change or cancel your subscription if you no longer need additional storage. You can log into your account to view your adjusted quota usage. The affected photos and video uploads will continue to be stored in the quality they were uploaded, however they will not count toward your storage quota,” reads the email sent by Google.
Android users were not affected by the issue. Only those devices running on iOS, Apple iPhones and iPads, were impacted. Google says that it has fixed the problem and the storage counted in Photos and other first-party apps are now reflecting the accurate storage consumed.

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