YouTube Stream Downloaded Videos: YouTube may soon allow you to stream downloaded videos across devices – Times of India

Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow users to download videos on one device and make it appear on another device.
According to a report by Android Police, this feature was seen in the Background & downloads settings for some YouTube Premium subscribers in stable and beta, v15.49.34 and 15.50.32. Incidentally, it was also seen in an app tear-down back in 2018 as well.
As a result of this feature, users saw a popup asking them which device should be synced, along with a toggle that reads, “Allow downloading to this device.”
Readers must note that the report claims that the feature made a brief app and wasn’t even completely functional when spotted. “It’s possible that some people still have access to it if it’s a broader a/b test,” added the report.
There is no word from the company on the feature yet, but if the feature is rolled out there is no denying that it is a helpful feature as it makes the experience of YouTube across gadgets seamless.
In related news, YouTube is also said to be testing streaming of 8K content on its platform.
A previous report by Android Police claimed that the version 2.12.08 of the YouTube app brings “limited support” to Android TVs running on Android 10 and above. This means that smart TVs that are running on any of the previous Android update versions will not get the support.

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